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Media Challengers, a Google-certified agency partner and digital marketing specialist, takes pride in connecting its clients to well-trained and qualified Google Ads Specialists

Dallas, Texas Mar 15, 2024 ( – Media Challengers, a Google-certified agency partner and digital marketing specialist, takes pride in connecting its clients to well-trained and qualified Google Ads Specialists. The company’s Google Ads Specialists can transform digital marketing campaigns by making them more customer-centric and result-oriented. The result is happy clients who have garnered massive responses to their ads and are enjoying conversions like never before.

” Right from planning and arranging to manage campaigns, our Google Ads team does it all and lets the clients concentrate on their core activities. The team advertises the clients’ businesses intending to achieve better visibility. Further, the efforts are not limited to achieving visibility; our team works to ensure that the advertising campaigns bring in more conversions, which means better Return on Advertising Spend,” explains Media Challengers representative.

Core activities performed by in-house Google Ads Specialists

Media Challengers puts the best people on the job of launching Google Ads Campaigns for the clients who reach it for services and consultation. The specialists can make the clients’ Google Ads Campaigns more yielding by taking care of all aspects of campaign management. “Best return for the money spent on advertising, better edge over the competitors, and extended reach to more promising markets, we have managed to achieve all this with sheer dedication and best inputs from our Google Ads specialists’ team”, the company representative proudly shares.

Core activities that the Google Ads specialists perform here are:

  • Launch of the new online campaign: The specialists perform detailed research in terms of audience segmentation, market identification, and keyword planning. Based on the keywords’ research, and market segmentation, the campaigns are launched to ensure that the clients are served information at the right place and at the right time. The advertising campaigns are designed to cover multiple bases including video, shopping, display, etc.; an approach that has helped the clients meet their marketing objectives.
  • Review of the campaign’s results: The Google Ads specialists cash in on the measurability ease of the results of online advertising campaigns. They review the performance location-wise, audience segment-wise, and also in terms of leads generated and their ultimate result. With the help of SEO expertise, the site audit and campaign revisions are also done to build better connections with the audience. With these changes, the experts advise resources’ re-allocations to territories and audience groups that prove promising.
  • Monitoring the Google Ads performance: The Google Ads Specialists keep an eye on the performance of the ads to find out their appeal. They keep track of impressions, click-through rates, conversions, and other metrics that help them determine the success or failure of the ads. With this information in hand, they try to plug all loopholes and come up with more effective ads that help achieve the intended objective.
  • Optimization of campaigns: The Google Ads specialists determine the objective for which the campaign is planned. They optimize the campaign by using tips like including negative keywords, using long-tail keywords, choosing assets’ types, and so on, which helps maximize the output from the campaign. Thus, the ad budget use is quite conversion-oriented and also extends a pleasant experience to the product or service searchers.
  • Reporting and analytics assessment: Reporting is a crucial process as it talks about the outcome of the campaign in a detailed manner. The Google Ads experts at Media Challengers take reporting quite seriously and choose the frequency of reporting as per the campaigns and client’s requirements. The timely assessments help make strategic changes in the ad campaign to ensure that the ad budget is best utilized. Reporting may be done weekly, fortnightly, or monthly as per the nature of the campaign and its objective.

Other daily activities performed by Google Ads specialists

We have a detailed action plan for campaign management. Our team performs several daily tasks for better campaign execution and assessment; cognitive experimentation and regularity in tasks are the key to our success in PPC campaigns,” explains the company representative,

Daily activities performed by Media Challengers Google Ads experts are:

  • Creation and testing of various ad formats
  • Creation of suitable ad extensions
  • Performing keyword research and search query review
  • Bid management to ensure better visibility of ads and improved response to ads
  • Selecting appropriate keyword match type – broad match, exact match, and so on
  • Competitor analysis in terms of campaign response and ad position
  • Changes in campaign settings to improve results

What makes Google Ads Specialists at Media Challengers a cut above the rest

Google Ads specialists at Media Challengers are qualified and have appropriate certifications. They are put to the jobs only after completing the necessary certifications. The complete training process includes:

  • Learning to complete Google Ads functions and how to design campaigns using this tool
  • Going through the complete process of Google Ads certification
  • Picking Google Ads certification program as per interest and caliber
  • Providing complete guidance on multiple Google Ads certification

Every Google Ads specialist at Media Challengers is trained to provide a full-service experience to the client. The experts are equipped with Search Certification, Measurement Certification, Apps Certification, Shopping Ads certification, Video Certification, and so on. Such an approach of training helps marketers cover all bases and provide appropriate services to the clients at a low cost. Best and consistent outputs with results meeting client expectations and objectives set the specialists at Media Challengers apart from the crowd.

About Media Challengers

Media Challengers is a full-service digital marketing agency having 12+ years of expertise. The company has exceptional expertise in SEO, PPC, SMM, and other online marketing fields. Boasting a huge clientele of happy customers belonging to different verticals and operating at different scales, this company proves its relevance in the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. Google Ads expertise has helped them complete 90+ PPC campaigns (like wiredking, gighar, etc) and more than 100 clients have enjoyed First Position at SERPs.

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