China Expands Offshore Drilling Activities to Enhance Energy Independence

Surrey, United Kingdom Oct 18, 2023 ( – Geeky News is announcing a new article about offshore drilling in China. The country is boosting its presence in the energy sector by expanding offshore drilling. The main goal of this initiative is to decrease dependence on imported oil and improve its position in the global energy industry.

A colossal concrete facility, spanning an area nearly the size of Monaco, has been established along China’s southern coastline as a pivotal component of this endeavour. The facility is situated near the vibrant city of Macau. It’s operated by a subsidiary of China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) and employs over 15,000 skilled workers. It is geared to enhance the production of advanced platforms specifically designed for deployment in China’s offshore oil fields.

China’s surging energy demand, driven by its growing economy, has made the nation increasingly dependent on imported oil. Currently, more than 70% of China’s energy requirements are met through imported crude oil, a substantial increase from less than 10% at the turn of the millennium.

CNOOC, a leading state-owned oil company in China, is playing a pivotal role in the nation’s quest for energy independence. The company is heavily investing in cutting-edge drilling technologies to challenge the dominance of Western oil majors in China’s Oil and Gas (O&G) sector.

While global O&G giants like Chevron and Shell maintain leadership in the sector, CNOOC is committed to closing the gap by expanding its deepwater exploration efforts both within China and internationally.

However, China’s push to expand deepwater drilling operations, particularly in the South China Sea, has not been without challenges and geopolitical complexities.

Despite these obstacles, CNOOC successfully developed offshore oil fields in the Bohai Bay and the South China Sea, accounting for approximately 60% of the country’s oil production last year.

Baihui Yu, Senior Research Analyst at S&P Global Commodity Insights, noted, “With significant untapped volumes offshore China, domestic offshore barrels are expected to become an indispensable growth engine for the coming decade. Technology progress and increased access have enabled more drilling to be focused into deeper waters.”

China is not the only country turning to offshore drilling as onshore reserves dwindle. This trend is also seen in the USA, which is expanding its deepwater oil exploration activities.

Deepwater drilling, however, presents various technical challenges, including wellbore stability, subsurface uncertainties, and reservoir characterisation.

To ensure higher operational efficiency, reduced risks, and minimised environmental impact, offshore O&G operators are increasingly turning to advanced solutions such as the Carina(R) Sensing System by Silixa. This distributed acoustic sensing-based (DAS) seismic system enhances subsurface imaging and monitoring, providing high-resolution seismic data throughout the well’s lifespan. This, in turn, improves reservoir characterisation and proactive wellbore stability measures, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and safety of deepwater oil drilling operations.

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