10 Best Glock Accessories Unveiled for Performance, Safety, and Customization

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Glock enthusiasts and firearm owners can now explore an array of top-notch accessories to enhance the performance, safety, and customization of their Glock pistols. Glock, known for setting the standard in modern handguns, offers a versatile platform that caters to the diverse needs of gun owners, be it competitive shooters, collectors, or individuals prioritizing self-defense. In light of this, we present the "10 Best Glock Accessories" to cater to every Glock owner's unique requirements.

GoSafe Gun Lock Series: Adding an Extra Layer of Safety

Safety is paramount when it comes to firearm ownership, and the GOSAFE Gun Lock series offers Glock owners an additional layer of security. This accessory ensures responsible firearm handling while providing easy access to your 9mm Glock. The series includes two primary options:

GOSAFE Mobile Safe: This feature enables complete locking of your pistol when not in use, preventing any unauthorized access or ammunition insertion. The Mobile Safe ensures safe and secure storage when inserted into the magazine port.

Mobile Mag: The Mobile Mag offers similar benefits but allows you to load your pistol, providing versatility for home and personal defense situations. It safeguards against accidental firearm use, particularly around children, offering peace of mind.

Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies: A Must-Have for Glock Owners

While Glock pistols are renowned for their reliability, proper maintenance is crucial. Over time, all firearms require cleaning to maintain peak performance. Glock owners are encouraged to keep spare parts, including recoil spring assemblies, trigger springs, and magazine catch springs, on hand for regular wear and tear. Cleaning kits with barrel-cleaning tools should also be part of every Glock owner's toolkit.

Upgrades for Sights and Trigger: Elevate Performance with Ease

One of the first upgrades Glock owners should consider is improving sights and triggers. These upgrades can significantly enhance performance with minimal permanent modifications. Glock triggers are easily installed, allowing for a lighter trigger pull that promotes accuracy.

Sight upgrades range from dove-tail iron sights to modern red-dot optics, catering to individual preferences and lighting conditions. Gen 5 MOS Glocks come pre-milled for red-dot optics, with adapter plates available for other optic brands.

Extended Magazines and Magwells: Ideal for Competitive Shooters

Extended magazines and magwells are essential accessories for competitive shooters and law enforcement professionals. Extended magazines increase ammunition capacity, while base plate extensions aid in faster reloading. Flared magwells make magazine insertion easier and provide a better grip for enhanced performance.

Customization for Grips: Tailor Your Glock to Your Hand

Glock pistols offer a modular back strap system, allowing users to customize their grip for better ergonomics. While changing back straps is a non-permanent modification, stippling or grip reduction can further enhance control and retention. These customizations improve performance and match individual preferences.

Holsters and Carrying Cases: Secure and Convenient Storage

Glock owners have access to a wide range of Kydex holsters, including Inside-The-Waistband (IWB) and Outside-The-Waistband (OWB) options. Selecting a holster made from a single material minimizes the risk of material separation.

For secure transportation, aftermarket pistol cases with effective locks are available. These cases are ideal for complying with jurisdictional regulations that mandate secure firearm transport in vehicles.

Laser Sights and Flashlights: Enhance Low-Light Performance

Flashlights and laser sights can be mounted on Glock pistols with under-rails. Flashlights illuminate dark areas, aiding in threat identification in low-light conditions. Visible lasers provide reference points for aiming, particularly in challenging situations.

Slides and Barrels: Enhance Performance and Aesthetics

Changing the slide or barrel of a Glock can enhance its overall appeal and performance. Slides with modifications such as lightening cuts optimize the pistol for light target loads. Fluting on non-threaded barrels improves heat dissipation, preventing potential impact shifts due to a hot barrel.

Threaded Barrels and Compensators: Improve Control and Accuracy

Threaded barrels allow attachment of compensators, which redirect muzzle blast to keep the pistol level. This results in faster and more accurate secondary shots. Be sure to check local laws regarding threaded barrels.

Enhanced Trigger Components: Smooth and Reliable Trigger Pulls

Enhanced trigger components can provide a smoother trigger pull. Glock triggers, while reliable, can benefit from upgrades such as trigger swaps, parts polishing, or ghost connectors. Glock owners are advised to choose one modification and test for reliability.

With countless combinations of accessories available, Glock owners have the opportunity to tailor their pistols to their specific needs. The extensive aftermarket support for Glock ensures that there is an accessory or modification for every aspect of Glock ownership, from performance enhancements to personalized security solutions.

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